WickedWildcats now offers Airport Transfers
Through SunholidayJamaica, 

                                                      Shopping Cart  Business Name will read Dreams Enterprises 

Pay with your  Debit or Credit Card - Direct pay from your bank , Gift Card . 

(1) US $50.00 per person round trip between the Airport and Negril/Ocho Rios hotels for shuttle transfers.

(2) US $25.00 per person one way To or From  Airport and Hedonism Hotels for shuttle transfers.

(3) US $17.00 per person round trip between the Airport and Montego Bay Hotels for shuttle transfers.

(4) US $240.00 per couple round trip for Private Car VIP Transfers between the airport and Negril/Ocho Rios Hotels.

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  Terms and conditions of Sunholidays 

Sunholiday Travel Will  Ensuring that vehicles transporting guests from the hotels will be parked at the hotels at least fifteen minutes prior to departure.

Sunholiday Travel Will  Ensuring that guests departing to and from the airport will not wait for more than twenty minutes between presenting themselves at the desk/lounge of the operator and departing to/from the airport. 

Sunholiday Travel Will Providing a luggage truck to carry excess baggage whenever necessary. 

Sunholiday Travel Will Maintaining in full force and effect third party public and automobile liability insurance against property damage, death or injury covering its vehicles, guests and their personal property whilst performing the functions of transporting guests to and from the Airport and whilst on tours with guests. The automobile liability coverage will have an aggregate limit of US$1,000,000.00

Sunholiday Travel Will Providing all staff of the Operator with uniforms which will be kept clean and worn at all times without hats while providing services on behalf of the agent.

Sunholiday Travel  Drivers will not be permitted to solicit tips from guests being transported. 

Sunholiday Travel  Drivers will not be allowed to service Operator’s vehicles or refuel while guests are on board excepting in case of an emergency.