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Donation Information for any of our trips: 
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You can use a Credit Card to make your donation. You do not need a PayPal Account to make a donation.  Thank you ! 
We are hoping you will make a  $20.00 Donation today!  You will find a Link on the front of the website, and other pages.  We are requesting a donation of approximately $10 per person.  This year the Donation will not have a set Dollar amount. Should you choose to donate a different amount, it is available.  We do hope you will place donation towards the group, please do so upon WIckedWildcats sign up.  Thanks!   Your donation is greatly appreciated and helps to defray some of our prize and games costs, etc. see list below

May 2017

Oct 2017​​

Donations will help pay for:
We bring all kinds of extra's to Hedonism II for all our WickedWildcats to Enjoy!  Below are listed a few things of what your donation money goes toward. 
We assure you - We spend more than we receive in donations
 WickedWildcats Hat or Visor 

 WickedWildcats Door Sign Personalized with your Name

 Adult Toys: For Prize Give A Ways

  Washable Tattoos
 Body Paint
 G dazzles for the G or V Dazzling!   100s of g'dazzles beads to decorate your vjj and other parts
Other Costs:
Cost to run the Web Site
Cost for Web Hosting
Phone calls to Jamaica
Banners and Signs  - 
Extra Baggage Costs to get all of the goodies to Jamaica, like Prizes and Give A Ways. 
  Rick and Suzie, The WickedWildcats Group
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