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5 days to book next May 2018  for  last years prices.  Only for those that traveled with us May 2017

WE Wickedwildcats GG Travel Vacations can book your next advinture anywhere in the world
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What Is Our Mission?
  WickedWildcats have No Mission except to have fun and meet New Lifelong Friends.
Our main mission is to coordinate travel dates for Hedonism II, and other destinations, for interested singles and couples. We find by coordinating dates, names, numbers and E-mail contact information it helps people to familiarize themselves with members and Hedonism Resort.  It is an easy way to have open communication between members of our WickedWildcats Group.  It's a also a great way of getting acquainted with other members prior to arrival. 
Your Owner and Host Couple, Suzie and Rick, would like to invite everyone to Join Us for a Wicked Fun Wild Week !   We have a contract with the Hedonism II Resort.  Therefore, we are able to offer you the Best and Lowest Room pricing available, along with Party Extras.  If you find a lower price, please let us know.
Give us a call.   Thank You.
Throughout this web site you will find information about the WickedWildcats, Hedonism II, and travel information for our upcoming trips.  Plus, suggestions for Theme nights, Resort and WickedWildcats Activities. Most importantly, How to Sign Up for Our WickedWildcats Events and Parties.  So, what are you waiting for?  Don't Miss Out On All The FUN! 

About The WickedWildcats 
Hi!  We're are Rick and Suzie! 
We started our WickedWildcats Group in 2007 at Hedonism III
  We moved our group to Hedonism II that same year.  We would like to thank the Hedonism II Staff for making our trip more fabulous every year.  Rick and Suzie are the most devoted and enthusiastic Travel Hosts you'll ever meet.  We work really hard to see that your vacation is awesome and Wicked FUN !  Our WickedWildcats Group is a super wicked fun group of people.  We try to encourage friendships for a lifetime, not just a few days.  If you want laughs and an experience of lifetime then book with us...
NOTES:  Anyone can sign up to be a member of the WickedWildcats.
  It's FREE and you do not have to be going on our of our trips to be a member.
If you wish to travel on one of our Great Travel Adventures, you can book as many nights as you wish before and after our week as long as you  book at least 5 of those nights within the WickedWildcats Group Travel Dates. and you still get the group rate:.
What are we all about? 
 The answer is:  We are all about fun, Fun, and more FUN! 
We have a variety of people, Nudist, Swingers, First timers, and many friends who return with us every year!  We do not cater to any particular style.  We are all here to have a Wicked Wild Time!  We welcome all couples, as well as singles, Male or Female.  We are personally VIP Members of SLS and SLS Events.
We have people from all over the world who join us each year.  Naturally, many people are also from the US and Canada.
We meet every year the last week of May prior to the US Memorial Day Weekend. And our Oktoberfest mid-October every year.  Come and Join Us for an amazing Hedonistic Vacation.  You'll Love The WickedWildcats!